We do everything in our power to make you feel welcome and special during your time with us on your hunt for your perfect wedding dress. We run exclusive appointments, provide quality refreshments and truly listen to you and what you are looking for. A huge part of our warm welcome and one of the reasons why brides love Lisa Rose Bridal is down to our amazing team and how focused they are in finding the right dress for you. 

You can find out a bit about each member of the team below. We hope it gives you a little insight into all of us so that when you see us around and about the boutique, you can say hi and really feel like you belong as a Lisa Rose Bride.



I have owned the boutique since 2008 and took over at the tender age of just 21! With no experience in the industry at all, I have very much ‘learnt on the job’ and can hand on heart say it is everything I dreamed it would be and more. It is so rewarding and I am so fortunate to have an amazing team, most of whom were with me from the beginning! I am now a mummy to two gorgeous girls and recently got married myself to my amazing husband Phil (Who just so happens to be a Professional Wedding Photographer) We love all things weddings!


Lisa Rose Bridal-kyla-1

Kyla - Bridal Stylist

Kyla was a bride of mine back in 2013. We instantly hit it off and she would regularly come into the boutique for a coffee. In 2014 I asked Kyla to give us a hand at The National Wedding Show in spring 2014. She was amazing and loved it! Two weeks later I asked her to joined the team and the rest is history. Everyone who comes into the boutique just loves her and she loves them. She is a natural at her job and has a great eye for fashion! She is also a mum of 3 incredible kids and when she isn’t at Lisa Rose you will find her scouring the makeup counters in Selfridges or adding to her sunglasses collection!

sam seamstress

Sam -Seamstress

Sam has also been with Lisa Rose since the beginning and worked on 100’s if not 1000’s of wedding dresses. There is no one better qualified to ensure your gown fits you perfectly than Sam. She has a passion for customising gowns and loves to get creative by making your gown as unique as you are. She can turn her hand to anything from altering the back to a corset or making straps. You name it, she can do it. When she isn’t at Lisa Rose she likes to spend time with her hubby, three daughters and care for her horses!


Jenny - Bridal Assistant

Jenny is our newest member of the team. She joined Lisa Rose in the summer of 2016 after a weeks work experience. She was so lovely and good at it that I offered her a Saturday job. She is adored by the whole team and brides too. Jenny assists the Bridal Stylists and is quickly learning what it takes to help a bride find her perfect gown! When Jenny isn’t at Lisa Rose she is studying for her GCSE’s and hanging out with her family and friends!



Eleanor is our youngest and definitely cutest member of staff! She can’t really advise you on styles or the most flattering silhouette for you but you are always guaranteed to feel amazing when she is around. Everybody who tries on a dress in the presence of Eleanor is “the prettiest princess she has ever seen” – it does wonders for your confidence… until you have heard her say it to everybody else who has ever crossed the threshold! In all seriousness as she is only 4 and in school most days you will very rarely see her in the boutique, but I am hoping one day her and her little sister take over the reins here and enjoy it as much as I do. In the meantime, she can continue to be our most gorgeous bridesmaid model and occasional confidence booster 😉

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